Samantha Slade

Samantha Slade draws from over 20 years of applied ethnographic research growing her own non-hierarchical organization and supporting other organizations in a dozen countries. She has worked with innovative North American start ups to the European Commission. She is equally at ease with ambulance dispatchers and coders as human resource professionals and high level decision makers. She speaks from first hand experience that is relatable and practical.

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Author of Going Horizontal and steward of the GH Community

Going Horizontal

There’s no need to wait for permission from hierarchy to start practicing non-hierarchical ways. Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Hierarchy in organizations is obsolete. There is a better way: one that increases the engagement of employees and managers alike, reduces micromanaging and other limiting approaches, and promotes organizational and individual success.

In this book, self-management expert Samantha Slade presents seven concrete practices to help your organization flatten its existing hierarchy and develop a horizontal organization. The result will be enhanced creativity, greater growth, and a increased employee retention and productivity–and a better bottom line.


Co-founder and co-director of the international co-design and collaboration platform


Percolab is an international network of enterprises building capacity for co-creation and system thinking that helps organizations tackle their complex challenges and innovate in how they work together to enter into their future.

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Co-founder of ECTO co-working cooperative


Percolab initiated a new coworking space in the heart of Montréal, Québec with a co-operative structure for independent workers, micro-enterprises and community organisations.

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