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Learning is cultivating a certain attitude towards daily experiences, it's launching personal projects, it's networking, it's talking and sharing and it's a certain amount of personal discipline.

Learning occurs beyond the walls of learning institutions. Here is the beginning of a more comprehensive perspective of my learning. Oh, and this portfolio process contributes massively to my learning processes.

Competences I'm presently developing are my professional and personal projects I establish within a formal framework.

Work experience has provided never ending opportunities to implement learning models and organisational models, to manage distrubuted teams, to use technology in innovative ways, to confront my communication skills, to orchestrate training and to contribute to the strategic success of an organisation.

My formal education experiences in anthropology, education, and instructional design have contributed to developing my reflexes to look at problems historically and also within a reference framework and for helping me to develop my synthesis and analysis skills.

Via my Public presentations I advance my expertise in a particular field, expand my network, while also developing my capacity to communicate.

All the productions and publications I contribute to help me develop competences both in the field adressed by the project but also in my skills at planning, supervising and managing.

Other activities non-credited learning take diverse forms, from personal projects, to mentoring to preparing a public presentation.

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