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Colleagues, clients, professional contacts

ePortfolio 2007

It was a pleasure to meet in the Maastricht conference and be inspired by your eloquent contributions. I'm sure you enjoyed the formal and informal (moovin n groovin) parts of ePortfolio 2007 as much as I did. Looking forward to future dialogue and working together making ePortfolio the unparallelled personal interface to jobs and learning opportunities and a pathway to personal growth and alignment.

Theo Mensen, CWI and member of the organising committee.

Friends and family

Rudi, artist and home renovator, my partner

  • "You inspire people"
  • "Really? Inspire what?"
  • "To go beyond oneself, to take charge"

Catherine, accountant, extended family

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

~Mayo Angelou~

Andrew, economist, dear friend since univeristy

eyes wide open

she blinks

staring into darkness

where she hopes to find

the end of thoughts

and yet she glides

through waves

of thoughtful inspiration

at ease

in the playful basking

Halldor, scientist, neighbour, now friend

Samantha is cooler than an ice sculpture.

She is so amazingly cool that one could think she was Icelandic.

But she is also a warm person, and hot when she wants to be.

So if blue is cool and red is hot,

Samantha is the whole spectrum.

She knows.

Nothing interesting goes down in Montreal that she does not know about.

Just after she moved to Montreal her neighbourhood was

chosen one of the best on the whole freeging continent.

So we have two options:

Either she knew and moved into it because of this,

or she is the reason it became so hip.

I don't know how she does it, but she is unbelievably plugged in.

She is organized.

Took me years to figure that out.

Because she is organized, not in a crisp business like sense,

but in a cool hip lets do this now sort of a way.

I've often felt that she should be running her own company.

The business she should be in would have to do with people.

Her talents in networking, her organizational skills plus

always knowing what's on in the city would have to shine.

Helga, professor in music education, neighbour, now friend

Samantha is in many ways the ideal modern woman:

She is independent but not afraid of commitment

She is an amazing mom to her kids

She is a great cook, both innovative and respectful of traditions

She knows how to build on her strengths in everything she does

She is not afraid to explore and work on her weaknesses

Lynn, school teacher, long-time friend from university

Samantha is like Joan of Arc - she transcends barriers - she is brave,

visionary and loves courageously

she builds community wherever she goes, whomever she is with

she feeds people on so many levels

she moves molecules, inspires, creates a sense of possibility

she is both fierce and nurturing - tapped into the eternal feminine

she celebrates life with food and wine and love

she is a friend, a beloved friend

Helen, yoga teacher, my mother

I see the same character that you had as a 12 year old - determined - focused - very logical in the midst of chaos - professional - strong - a powerhouse to contend with in debate - but under all this

a little girl - striving to be accepted - wanting it to be all right for everyone which sometimes burdens you - carrying a load - which sometimes seems like you need to control everything - but also this zen like wisdom, that lets things take their course.

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