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The sustainabilty of a project is big for me and impacts the way I approach a project. You need to have a big picture, up front.

For example, when designing an online learning system – I look at the roles of the learner and trainer, the pedagogical vision, interactions between learners, with the learning material, the flexibility in the system model etc. but also I look at the technical architecture underlying it all, how much maintenance will be required, what will need to be archived etc.


Bold imagination and a healthy dose of aesthetics are important for me - it nourishes. I try to incorporate that into my processes and productions. Innovation requires creativity.

Collaboration and Sharing

First, free flowing information is the back bone of collaboration and sharing. Witholding information to maintain power is scandalous in my eyes. Trust and transparency are the way to take us there.

I love to work with wikis, and like the idea of open educational resources.

“…The open provision of educational resources enabled by information and education technologies, for consultation, use and adaptation by a community of users for non-commercial purposes…” (UNESCO) What’s stopping us?


Ultimately each individual is responsible for his her learning, career, health, personal happiness, etc.. Organizations, institutions, experts etc. need to accompany and facilitate each individual in assuming their responsibilities. Blaming others, feeling like a victim, waiting for the day - that's not the way. If you want something to happen you got to make it happen.

For example, individuals should have ownership for their lifelong learning in a way that helps them to better know themselves and value what they have and facilitate their control over data and information concerning them. The ePortfolio is a tool that, if appropriately designed and implemented, can instrument and encourage such learner empowerment.


Respect of who people are and what they really require is a key factor in a successful project.

For example, an individual has a learning life that is much longer than the time they spend with an individual institution. Out of respect for this learner, the data that they produce during their time at the institution rightly belongs to them. It is incumbent on the designer of the system to ensure that the data can easily flow from the institution to wherever the individual would like thereafter.


There are ways of approaching tasks that are more efficient than others and there are tools that increase efficiency. Need to have an efficiency reflex before jumping into a task.

For example, the production processes for the development of online learning environments and resources need to be efficient without compromising pedagogy. There are methodologies, generic learning designs, ressources, standards, tools and approaches to production that are efficient while giving pedagogy the center stage.


Motivation is such a key factor in any project, especially for the motivation of the target group of the project. Without taking into account motivation, we can, despite lots of good intention and hard work, limit our success.

For example, An individual is more than the sum of their formal work and education experiences.. If they are to embark in any kind of or “professional improvement” or “continuing education” the whole individual needs to be motivated. The whole individual is made of personal interests, and activities, values, and stories as well as the competencies and skill set that organisations and employers are interested in


I'm inspired by people who dare to do, who carry a beautiful idea through to its logical end. People who are sincerely preoccupied at having a positive impact on their environment, who take risks to go where they want or need to go, who keep the life pulse beating, who are motored by the heart.

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