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"Extracurricular" activities

  • African dance: traditional and contemporary
  • Yoga: Iyengar, but also Hatha, Taoist
  • Bicycle is like a friend –it’s my favorite means of transportation – even when it’s raining

Vacation and special moment activities

  • Tour de l’ile, Montreal's yearly family biking event
  • Dabble in kayaking, canoing, x-country skiing, hiking etc.
  • Camping – oh to be cosy in ones’ down sleeping bag, whilst the air is chilled or the storm passes


Ok, I'm francophile, I'll admit it. More than learning to speak French and choosing to live and work in French, and sending my children to school in French, I am sensitive to the importance of developing quality online content and applications in French


To fill me with new places and people and customs that nourish and stretch me – brings me back to the big picture – the essential. I challenge myself each trip to find a place that is a beautiful spot on this earth – to let this gem from away inhabit me. To fill myself with peoples stories via family visits (near and far), professional trips, family vacations and house exchanges. Member of Homelink for house exchanges

Alternative transportation

I support the expansion of bicycle paths in Montreal and everywhere – and shame on all you bike thieves.


How the human steps on the planet – gardening, to architecture to urban design – how we either honor or disserve ourselves in the aesthectics, sustainability, general health implicit in what we design, build, plan,


Firstly mine (Yoann and zoe – two different souls who stretch me in ways I never thought possible, thanks) but in general watching children grow, come into themselves, chose paths, is one of the great pleasures of life.

Eating, drinking, dancing

Like to cook for people, from mediterrean to asian, and lots of desserts. Only basic pure ingredients. I love the ritual of eating, and aesthetic of it all. And i can certainly appreciate what others have prepared for me.

Give me a glass of wine and a dancing tune, and i can go for hours.

Ecological Agriculture

Since good food, healthy people, and sustainable land use are important for me, I try to steer clear of chemical ingredients and processed foods, (you gotta work hard to stick to just the real flavors) and support farming that doesn't abuse and destroy the land with chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Member of Community supported agriculture.


Warm rain – one of my favourites for this

Community moments

I prefer the richness of community living, sharing, collaborating, to the quiet of an individualistic lifestyle. Makes for lots emotions and compromise, but it's worth it. Member of the Montreal chapter of the Alpine Club of Canada

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