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Here is how I went about demonstrating my competences.

1. For each competence domain, I began my identifying the associated skills and competences, ideally from a competence reference framework.

  • Instructional design
  • Establish and spearhead an instructional/learning design committee for any type of project.
  • Instructional Design Competencies of International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction

2. Next I evaluate my level of mastery of the competence or skill based on the various personal, professional or learning activities I provide details that demonstrate my competency development.

  • expert
  • Spearheaded or accompanied the learning design of numerous projects for the development of learning material for use by significant audience with various techno-pedagogical visions and various organisational models, both multimedia online courses and print-based courses, from 1997-2007, see Work experience

3. I provide concrete proof for what I am espousing, in the form of an "artefact" . Finally, I record a few critical reflections about the artefact provided .

  • Project manager and Instructional designer for two General education, secondary IV (grade 10) Social studies course, Online, 100 hours of learning, 2004 and 2005, visit the demos.
  • These courses were the first general education online courses for SOFAD. They served as a laboratory to develop (1) a production process for other online courses, (2) expertise and methodology for multimedia approaches and researching, locating and negotiated rights for all the multimedia of the project, and (3) installing a writing approach for the web in which the content is embedded in the interactivities.
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