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  • Ensure that issuses, activities, outcomes are communicated and understood by all.
  • Understand and meet the information needs of different audiences
  • Share relevant information with key stakeholder regularly and appropriately
  • Preparation of all visual supports (multimedia prsentations, web sites, wikis, documents etc.) for public interventions.
  • Appropriate use of technological tools and open collaboration methodology to promote communication
  • Advise and support to promote more fluid communication in projet management

Delivery of numerous presentations to varied audiences in both English and French: project teams, university students, Board of Directors, Consultative committees, teachers, school board administrators, government ministries, national and international conferences. See List of Conferences and Topics.

Regularly integrating new technological tools, agile methods and collaborative processes, to accomodate different communication contexts and challenges (ex. dispersed teams, partnerships, never ending lists of adjustment details etc.). See list of specific examples.

Assist others in integrating new tools and appropriate usage.

Both successful and trying projects have taught me innumerable lessons on communication.


  • contact and connect
  • talk, share and link

I love to link projects, people and across usual borders of public and private of countries, of domains.


  • Lead and participate in team with success and harmony
  • Design and development of methods and tools to facilitate effective team work
  • Anticipate and solve problems with a consensus based approach
  • Acknowledge the importance of building shared understanding and objectives
  • Engage in consultative decision making

As research advisor, active and responsable team member on various projects. Establish work processes to facilitate distributed team work (SOFAD, Montreal, 2003-2007). As project coordinator, hired team members, defined mandates and oversaw work and team collaboration and team spirit, ex. team of writers (SOFAD, Montreal, 1997-2003).See list of productions

Working in multicultural environments

  • Ease and enjoyment working with other cultures

Live and work in cultures other than "my own" : in francophone community (Montreal, Canada, 1997 to present) and in a "fly-in" traditional hunting and fishing community in the Canadian north (MiddleBay and Old Fort Bay, Canada, 1991-1995).

Various projects/mandates in other countries : help set up a distance education unit in a Tunisian educational institution (special mandate for CIDA, PRICAT Project, Tunis, Tunisia, 2000), volunteer worker in day care in a Nicaraguan cooperative (Esteli, Nicaragua, 1988).

Projects in mulit-cultural communities where I live : carried out an ethnographic research project on the social organisation of new immigrants in the school yard (Jean-Jacques Olier School, Montreal, Canada, 1989), volunteer language teacher for immigrants (Montreal, Canada, 1987).

BA degree in Anthropology (See Education)

Human competences

  • able to control emotions
  • able to nurture and care for others
  • positive and optimistic approach to activities, people, events

Mother of two children, and enjoy being with children in general. Take care of the illness of members of my family, children, partner. Accompanied both my mother and my father during their heart operations. Regularly share my cooking, my home with others and occasionally act as a support person.

Learning and innovation competences

  • use various media and networks to keep informed on a field
  • disposed to lifelong learning

Throughout career, I regularly participated in courses to further develop my competences and to gain insight into my professional work and practice, with a view to improvement. See [My competencies/Non-formal learning | my non-formal learning]

Each day I come to my work as a learner: I am constantly seeking out new methods and ways of funtioning to improve efficiency and effectiveness. I actively seek out opportunities to formalise my professional activities. See [EPortfolio - Public presentations | some moments when I have shared my experiences and practices]

I have given myself a formal framework within which I plan and keep track of my non-formal learning. See [My competencies/Ones I'm working on developing | my competencies presently targeted for improvement]

I try to receive each moment or event as a learning opportunity, as much in the case of exemplary moments as counter examples.

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