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Projet coordination/Team management

  • Structure projects and seek financing.
  • Plan budgets, timelines and ressources
  • Negotiate and manage a partnership
  • Produce and manage call for tender and contractual agreements
  • Build/recrute and manage multidisciplinary teams
  • Follow and improve a production process
  • Monitor and develop mechanisms that reduce risk and ensure quality control.
  • Resolve surprises, challenges, tensions of various nature, so as to arrive at deliverables as planned.
  • Adapt, improve upon, redesign, ideas, tools and methods
  • Meet objectives/produce deliverables with prescribed norms and conditions.
  • Manage a distributed team
Wikis to facilitate collaboration.

Project coordinator and advisor (1997-2007, SOFAD) for numerous projects with budgets from 5 000 $ to 200 000$ each, some in partnerships, but all with extended teams composed of both in-house and out-sourced workers. Formalised a Structured approach to project management and a renewed production process for online learning. Managed diverse experts: programmers, graphic artists, writers, cameramen, copy editors, etc. See list of productions

Human resource management

  • Elaborating a competency profile for a position, associated core competencies, and scenarios for evaluating competency level of candidates.
  • Elaborating interview protocols.
  • Interviewing, evaluating and selecting candidates for a permanent position.
  • Digitally managing employee continuing education.

Participated in various committees for , defining postions, profiles and competences, improving interview processes and selecting candidates for positions of projet coordinators, secretary and technology advisor. (SOFAD, 2000-2006)

Management and leadership

Basic level of expertise:

  • Leadership: Create a climate ameanable to motivation, mobilisation and collaboration towards meeing objectives.
  • Responsable : self-directed, can take decisions, act, and assume consequences
  • Strategic: take into account vision, what's at stake, and the interal and external context when establishing orientations.
  • Interdependant: Interact efficiently and in synergie with others
  • Supervise: Plan ressources, organise tasks, direct personnel, coordinate and follow-up.

As project coordinator (sofad), managed complex teams, for projects that last over a year, composed of 1/3 internal employees and 2/3 outsourcing with freelancer or companies. See list of productions


  • initiative taking
  • behaving autonomously,
  • networking
  • opportunity grasping
  • creative problem solving
  • ‘fixing’ things
  • doing deals under pressure
  • intuitive decision making
  • learning from stakeholders

Co-founder and co-director of the company percolab.com in 2007.

Presently co-founding a co-working space for freelancers and start ups for spring 2008.

Organisation and logistics

  • Ensure the sucess of a project or a task, simple or complex, by clarifying the desired objective and establishing the appropriate steps to attain the objective,
  • Use of modern technological tools to facilitate organisation and logistics.
  • Propose and organise group events (including research information, consulting concerned individuals, making decisions concerning the event, reservations, distribution of responsabilities, communiqués, leadership)

Organisation of the conference Conversations on competence: Eight ePortfolio projects for Lifelong Learning, Employability, and Learning Organisations May 5, 2008

Successfully managed professional positions with high level of organisational complexity. In position as consultant (R & D and pedagogical) I worked with many projects with many educational professionals in parallel, all the while managing my own projects, scouting for helpful information and resources for all the projects and carrying out usual organisational tasks and training sessions, and ensuring translations to the appropriate language. As project coordinator and teacher, the circumstances required a vast capacity to manage multiple domains in both english and french, math, computing, social studies, language learning (both mother tongue and second language), arts, and physical education with multi-levels.

Organisation of teacher professional development sessions and meetings within the context of a region of isolated fly-in communities. Required travel and lodging organisation, plan b, etc.

Organised many group travel events (linguistic exchange with 20 youth, back-country ski trips, European travel guide, volunteer work in Central America, family trip to India), home exchanges, parties and art openings.

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