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Computer skills and digital competences

  • Efficient use of basic applications (both propriety and open): word processing, data base, spreadsheet, electronic presentations, capturing and editing multimedia (images, audio and video), graphic design and layout, diagramming, web navigation, project management, note taking etc.
  • Asynchronous and synchronous electronic communication and collaboration (email, chat, video conference, wiki, collaborative document and image editing etc)
  • Access and use information and services via internet
  • Take into account issues of privacy and security in use of computers

Personal and professional use of the computer since 1987 with constant integration of both popular and upcoming tools and systems. I manage my web prsence via differents sites: fliker, eduspace, epsilen, my own web site, a blog etc.

I led a project for the production of micro-computing learning material (managing document files, wordprocessing, spreadsheet, drawing) for 175 hours of learning in both English and French with an approach that is neither platform, nor software specific. (SOFAD, 1999-2001).

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