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Leading and contributing to online and print-based projects, for information or learning, for students, professionals or my peers, whichever, I especially enjoy working via open and collaborative processes, mind you, structured processes, and I like to end up with a clear and creative product.


Conversations on competences: Eight ePortfolio projects for Lifelong Learning, Employability, and Learning Organisations

Design and organisation of the international, bilingual (French/English) event with full online documentation (video and text). Some animation. Montreal, May 5th, 2008.

Le portfolio numérique un atout pour le citoyen apprenant (ePortfolios, a plus for the learning citizen)

Challenges to understand portfolios (in french).
  • Research, writing, and production (with Martine Cloutier, Cégep@distance and Guy Fortier, Ministry of Education of Québec)
  • Commissioned by the Ministry of Education of Québec

This report, clarifies the link between ePortfolios, competency development and lifelong learning, overviewing various initiativies, and highlighting the technological and social challenges of designing and implementing ePortfolios.

La formation à distance au secteur des jeunes - Ce qui se fait ailleurs, la problématique québécoise et une proposition (Distance Education for learners 16 and under - What is happening elsewhere, the situation in Quebec and a proposition)

  • Avis.jpg 2005, SOFAD, Download pdf, 724 kb.
  • Research and writing in collaboration with Pierre Giguère, Robert Saucier, and Jean-Simon Labrecque
  • Public opinion document for the Quebec Ministry of Education.

Formative Evaluation for online Learning

  • 2001, Samantha Slade, Download pdf 511kb.
  • For Capella University course project, and SOFAD course development.
  • Research report for the design of formative evaluation in self-paced online learning, including the system architecture, instructional design, and roles for learners and instructors.

Online portal and LMS

A personal portal for immigrants

Learning design and project management for the production of an online personal portal to help immigrants capture, value, communicate and mobilise their divers competences as well as support continued comptence development, particularly for language learning, and soci-professional integration. A partnership production (percolab, CS Laval, CS SWL, Cégèp Montmorency, CRIM) to be launched in January 2009.

Wiki development environment for production of online content

An extended wiki as a development environment (in french).
  • The development environment is used by project coordinators and development teams for the production of large-scale learning content projects.
  • Contributed to the pedagogical foundations of the environment and documentation to facilitate sound pedagogical use of the environment.

The challenge was (1) to develop easy to use tools (2) to guide and give credit to the contribution of each team member involved in the different stages of content development, in particular freeing up from repetitive tasks (3) use existing and easy to adapt technologies (open source) (4) hide the complexity, rapidly show results in final format.

eduSOFAD.com, a portal for online courses

  • Edusofad.jpg 2004, SOFAD, online site.
  • The e-learning portal of SOFAD, for learners, instructors and administrators, of the province of Quebec, for online learning.
  • Contributed to the validation of the specifications, evaluation of the bids for tender, validation during phases of development, contributions to improvement (text, functionality, navigation,interface).

This portal had the challenge to create a system in which learners could be matched to their instructors on an individual, course based structure, while SOFAD does not manage or maintain a list of the instructors of the province. The solution to the challenge, is a light and simple one in which emails adresses serve to identify and link teachers and students in a reversed pyramid approach.

Professional Development Learning materials

Getting Ready to Teach Online

  • Aleau.jpg SOFAD, 2006, Online site, 3 hours of learning
  • Project manager and instructional designer
  • For adult education teachers of the province of Québec transitionning to online teaching
  • Via video footage stories of two expert online teachers (a classroom vocational education and a distance education tutor for Social Studies,) and multimedia interactivities, teachers can rapidly become familiar with online learning while living an online learning experience.

Challenges: Keeping the course light and simple, while demystifying the numerous misperceptions related to online learning.

Designing and producing online content

  • Interactivities2.jpg SOFAD, 2004, Online, 7 hours of learning (password protected)
  • Project manager, instructional designer, collaboration in writing
  • To help writers develop scenarios and write for the interactive, multimedia online world. Specifically, for writers hired by SOFAD, to initiate into interactive world, where content and interactivies are one.

Teacher training for implementing new Orientation program

  • Consultant (Instructional Designer)
  • Quebec Ministry of Education, 2007, Online, 25 hours
  • For high school teachers

Producing and adapting distance education material

  • Coach
  • Institut Maghrébin de Sciences Economiques et Technologie, Distance Education Unit (UFADI), Tunisia, 2004 60 pages
  • For teachers and writers of a new distance education institution for vocational et tehcnical training (initial and continued) who will be involved in adapting/producing distance education courses.

Adult Education Learning Materials

English Second Language

  • Project manager and Instructional designer (from start to prototype)
  • General education, secondary I and II (grades 7 and 8)
  • Mixed media (paper-based with online activities), 200 hours (two 100 hour courses)
  • Satisfying Consumer Needs (release date 2008)
  • Making Connections (release date 2008)

The learning design of these courses is innovative in that they are the first courses in adult education that adhere to the new "competency based learning" approach of the Québec education ministry.

Integrated Social Studies

These courses were the first general education online courses for SOFAD. They served as a laboratory to develop (1) a production process for other online courses, (2) expertise and methodology for multimedia approaches and researching, locating and negotiated rights for all the multimedia of the project, and (3) installing a writing approach for the web in which the content is embedded in the interactivities.

Réunions d'affaires (Business Meetings)

  • Instructional Designer
  • Adult vocational education, Secretarial program,
  • Affaires.jpg Online site, 30 hours, 2004

This project served to develop a methodology for the adapation of paper-based courses to the online world. Reorganised/rewrite the content and activities for media rich, interactive learning, with a very tight budget.

English Second Language Placement Test

  • Instructional Designer
  • English.jpg Online site, 6 hours of content, (3 hours for testee), 2004.
  • Adults who would like to know their level of English as a second language within the adult education program of Quebec
  • An adapatation of different paper based placement test for the online environment, with customised correction system, and abiltity to save test and complete at another moment.

With the onine placement tests, potential students, may access the test online without attending a center. The results, valid for two years, are sent to the adult, who decides what (or if) adult education center to register at.


Instructional Designer for 3 online biology courses for general education, Grade 11, produced both in French and English.


  • Project manager: , learning material for 225 hours of learning, produced in both English and French, that is neither platform nor software specific, but rather focuses on the generic logic of computer applications.
  • Applications.gifExploring Microcomputing Applications (French and English versions), General Education, Grade 11, 75 hours, 1999 and 2000.
  • Wordproc.gifWord Processing I and II (French and English versions), General Education, Grade 11, 50 hours each, 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003.
  • Spreadsheet.gifSpreadsheets I and II (French and English versions), General Education, Grade 11, 50 hours, 2002 and 2003.
  • Graphics.gifComputer Graphics (French and English versions), General Education, Grade 11, 50 hours, 1999.

History of Quebec and Canada

  • Project manager
  • 3171.gif History of Quebec and Canada: From the First Nations to the Union of Upper and Lower Canada, Grade 10, 50 hours, 1997.
  • 3172.gifHistory of Quebec and Canada: From Confederation to the Present, Grade 10, 50 hours, 1997.

Youth/Highschool Learning Material


  • Designer of Distance Education Model and Insructional Designer: (in production), Online, General Education, Grade 11, 150 hours, release date 2008.

Ecology on the Tundra

  • Instructional designer: , CdRom, Teacher/Student material, 1997. Learning material to inspire and equip teachers and students to use the local ecosystem for science class, produced in collaboration with teachers, students and a biologist as a year long project (Littoral School Board)

Theme based learning materials

  • Instructional designer, writer
  • For students, ages 9-14, in a multi-level classroom
  • Littoral School Board, 1991-1995
  • Theme based learning materials: Flight, Medieval Times, Bridges, Abstract Art etc.
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